Sven Peters

Sven Peters
  • Technology Evangelist @ Atlassian

I care about software development. Making developers awesome, helping them to be more productive and deliver better quality faster is a passion of mine. At the same time work should be fun and I love to learn more about how to motivate software teams and make them more successful.
I’m speaking regularly at all kind of conferences. I love traveling the world, meeting other cultures and starting discussions about software development. Creating and delivering stunning, entertaining, and informative presentations is what I’ve been the past years. I’ve been speaking at smaller community events and gave keynotes for 1000s of people. In the last years I’ve been working for the program committee of 4 conferences in Europe and USA. I’m the program chair for Atlassian’s customer event Summit with 3,000+ attendees.

It’s so awesome that I found the right job for that combination. Working as an evangelist for Atlassian makes me care about the development process and I can share my thoughts about intrinsic motivation to create great software

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