Building a high performing Passenger Information System

Virtual Room 2

17:10 - 17:50

Methodology & culture

Everyday millions of passengers commute by train. Using apps, websites and overhead displays they plan their journey through the network. Over 30.000 train activities including all their changes need to be communicated.

The current software is over 10 years old and is hard to change. The original plan of rebuilding the software would stretch 8 years without adding any new value for our customers. In the rapid changing world of public transport, waiting that long would not have been acceptable.

In this talk I would like to outline how we build a resilient and scalable system. Using AGILE methodologies we were able to release the software for the first station within a month. Now 6 months into the project we have a high performant system that serves more than a third of the station in the Netherlands, while still maintaining a high standard and resilience.