NLJUG Event App: ready for J-Fall 2019! Written by Loes Nauta on October 28, 2019

Thursday 31st of October it’s time for J-fall 2019! There is quite a lot to take into account, you will receive an email containing this information.. But what do you need to take care of as a priority?

Download the NLJUG Event App! This app contains all the information you need in hands reach.  So what can you find in this app?

  • Timetable (it’s even an option to make a personalized timetable)
  • All the information about sessions, speakers, time, location, language, level and track
  • Floorplan
  • Twitterfeed
  • Sponsors
  • Able to give feedback about the sessions
  • And much more…

Please make sure you’ve got the app installed before going to the conference, that way all information will be loaded in the app.

Giving feedback is very easy and extremely valuable for the organisation and speakers. Getting lost in the conference? Check out the floorplan to see where all sessionsrooms are.

Besides J-Fall 2019, our upcoming events will also be loaded into the app, that way you won’t need to download a seperate app for every event.oaden.

The J-Fall Event App has been developed by de Belastingdienst.

Download the app right here: