Top 10 Best Sessions of J-Fall 2017! Written by Stijn van de Blankevoort on November 23, 2017

J-Fall 2017 was a day full of great sessions, but who’ve been rated the best? The NLJUG community rated the sessions and a top 10 has emerged. Beside the top 10 also a top 3 of the best newcomers has been selected, they’ve won a chance to present their sessions at JavaOne in San Fransisco!

Loads of visitors of J-Fall 2017 have send their evaluation either through the app or the (online) survey, which is much appreciated! All the feedback has been evaluated, so next the year J-Fall can become even better. Underneath you can find the top 10 of J-Fall 2017. The sessions have been rated on a scale of 0-5. The first number is the number of votes a session got and the second number is the average score. Click on the session to watch it again!


The top 10 sessions

Sam Aaron – Live Coding Time & State with Sonic Pi

749 – 4,89

Allard Buijze & Frans van Buul – Hands-on Lab: Event-driven Microservices with Axon Framework

11 – 4,82

Nanne Baars – Hands-on Lab: WebGoat – Teaching application security 101

11 – 4,64

Peter Hilton – How to name things: the hardest problem in programming

155 –4,58

Joris Kuipers – Come Fly With Me: Database Migration Patterns with Flyway

74 – 4,51

Ray Tsang & Matt Feigal – Troubleshooting & Debugging Production Microservices in Kubernetes

79 – 4,49

Effi Bennekers & Eggie van Buiten – Three resilience patterns out-of-the-box with Twitter’s Finagle HTTP client

62 – 4,48

Mark Heckler – Going Reactive with Spring 5 & Project Reactor

165 – 4,48

Michel Schudel – No-frills REST api testing with REST-Assured

76 – 4,41

Angelo van der Sijpt – How well do you know your network stack?

47 – 4,28

The best newcomers

The top 3 newcomers won a timeslot for the epic JavaOne in San Fransisco next year. The 3 best J-Fall newcomers are:

Congratulations to all the winners!